1.               What is the history of Christ Fellowship Church? We began the first Sunday in December, 2009 with a nucleus of committed and sincere believers to the ministry of the Word, and the glory of God.  Since then God has continued to bless our congregation with fellowship, growth, maturity and worship that is focused on Him.
2.               Is there a ministry for my children during the morning worship? Currently we have a nursery during the worship service for ages 0-3.  

3.               What can I anticipate the worship service being like? Our time of worship centers around the character and attributes of God. Therefore, we desire to stimulate reverence and awe through all we do. Yet, our desire is to see the reverence and awe flow from heartfelt joy before our Lord as we consider His Transcendence and Majesty. The style of music will include traditional hymns and contemporary music with lyrics centered on our holy God and music that serves to complement the lyrics in contrast to driving the music. At times we will have opportunity for corporate prayer together and at the end of the message we will seek to offer a time of reflection for the personal application of the Scriptures.
4.               What can I expect from the preaching portion of the worship service? You can anticipate a verse by verse exposition of a passage of Scripture that will normally last about fifty minutes of the ninety minute service.

5.         Are there other studies or opportunities?  We currently have a Men's and Women's Bible Study going on through the week.  We are having Sunday school lessons on What We Teach.  We also meet on Wednesday nights for prayer.

They were continually devoting themselves to the apostles' teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. ~ Acts 2:42